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Let us make your home a true oasis...

Heartfelt Homespace is the passion project of interior designer Erin Bergant Harrod. Beginning at Kent State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, Erin has since spent her career fully immersed in all aspects of design and construction. From experience with architects and general contractors throughout Northeast Ohio to collaborations with other interior designers, she is well versed in creating beauty from the ground up. She strives to provide her clients with thoughtfully conceived dream spaces that focus on the well-being and personality. Open minded and always up for a challenge, Erin has worked all over the design continuum and found that the only strict rules worth abiding by are the laws of comfort and livability. 


Believing in the immeasurable value of true collaboration between client and designer, she has honed her skill in eradicating stress, curating calm and leaving an end result that truly inspires in detail, contrast and quality. From projects big to small, Erin revels in each opportunity to bring warm-souled aesthetics and functional accessibility to new space. 

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Home is where we rest, restore, and become the best version of ourselves. It should be our true sanctuary and reflect the essence of our souls. Creating a space for you and your

family to thrive is my passion.

Erin Bergant Harrod

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