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Drama versus Timeless Design

I often get clients wanting a new design but they don't want to be too risky. Sometimes they're worried about resale and other times they're just worried about the trends changing. Can we accomplish something timeless that's also dramatic? Yes, but typically these designs are specific to the current owner.

This is why oftentimes you'll see the spec houses done with neutral or "safe" colors. If you want to go bold, be sure it's a color you've always liked. Trends come and go but you'll be the one living with the space for a long time. Paint and accents are great ways to incorporate the trendy colors or more bold choices because it's an easier fix in 5 years should you want to change things up.

Usually, when you're investing in a whole new look for a space complete with window treatments, furniture, rugs, tile/countertops, etc. you'll not be making any major changes in the near future.

Some timeless elements I've noticed include black, white, and chrome. Over time, you'll see that wood tones have been incorporated with the harsh contrast to warm things up a bit. The grays came an went and now things are trending towards very light but warmer neutral tones though you'll still see grays mixed in. Wood tones have changed from red oak, to warmer woods and back to oak but this time with a twist, white oak which has a more neutral undertone and sometimes a bit of gray.

It's best to stick to what you're drawn to and trust that attraction. When you're making an investment in a space, you want it to be something you're really excited about. As long as the space makes YOU feel good, it'll be worth the investment. Homes are our safety net. Home is where we are allowed to rest, recharge and process the emotions of the day. We need to feel safe at home. A home that isn't comfortable or our style actually makes a big impact on how we feel.

I can lead you towards the trends or I can help you play it safe. All that matters is that you're happy and comfortable in your own home.

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