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Freshen for Spring & Summer

​For those of us that live in Northeast Ohio, summer means warm weather, sunshine and flowers! It's time we turn towards nature and follow the lead by adding color into our home. Open windows to freshen the air quality even if it's for a few minutes a day. A change in season calls for a change in energy also. It's a great time to remove what no longer serves a purpose or is exciting to you.

(photography by Caitlin Antje, LLC)

​Boot trays and winter mats can be put away until the ​Fall. It's also time to switch out pillows and accessories if you're the type of person that likes to seasonally adjust. The fuzzy throw blankets and pillows can be put away and it's time to incorporate linen, cottons and light weight or gauzy throw blankets.

Don't forget your front door/porch. Update your front porch with plants and colorful doormats and wreaths. Please don't neglect to USE your front door at least one a day-- maybe even to get the mail, etc. This keeps energy from getting stagnant in this area so it allows fresh energy to enter into your home.

I like to find ways to incorporate fresh picked (or purchased) flowers in the summer months as this also helps to uplift the energy in the home. Dead or dried flowers have a stagnant energy so it's best to pick out those that are no longer looking alive and keep freshening the water. The same goes with plants that aren't looking so hot. Time to remove those that are no longer flourishing and update with new. If you're not great at keeping plants alive, it's okay to use fake plants as they carry a similar positive, uplifting energy.

(photography by Caitlin Antje, LLC)

During my initial consultation I can make recommendations on how to freshen up your home through adding small accents like artwork, pillows, adjusting the furniture layout for better flow of energy, etc. If this is something you're looking for help with, let's schedule a discovery call so we can book a consultation. www.heartfelthomespa​

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