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I have touched on colors and how they affect our environment but we also interpret our environment through our senses-- our nose being one of them. You can probably relate to that "musty basement" smell, the "fresh paint" smell, or maybe even the "dog" smell when you enter a home.

If you have pets and can maybe relate to this. When I walk into the vet with the dog I feel like I need to go home and take a shower. Not that my vet's office isn't clean, but more so because it has that "pet" smell. For me, that doesn't create a relaxation response. You've also most likely heard of realtors telling homeowners to bake cookies before the open house so their house smells inviting.

Incorporating the right scents can leave you feeling relaxed and at ease at home. Maybe, you incorporate different scents in the winter to give you a burst of energy to help offset the dreary days.

Scents can be incorporated through essential oil diffusers, naturally scented candles or even reed diffusers. I often keep essential oil diffusers in the bedroom and family/living spaces while using reed diffusers in the bathrooms. Candles are great for occasions but be careful of the chemicals used to make them as you don't want to add toxins to your home. There are plenty of hand-made candles to choose from that incorporate essential oils rather than perfumes and artificial fragrance.

My favorite scents for the home are "Purification", "Stress Away/Stress Ease", "Lavender", "Thieves". Young Living, DoTerra both have these products but I've also come to like Revive brand as it's much simpler to purchase. Again, the scents that you prefer are probably the ones that you need whether it's for a physical or emotional reason so go with your gut instinct when making selections. Sometimes it's trial and error.

Comment below with your favorite scents and products. I'd love to see what you're using.

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