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Finishing Touches

When you do a remodel or refinish a room in your home it's essential to bring it to completion in order to get the full-impact. Sometimes, you'll get to the end and just be "over it". Trust me, I get it, remodeling can be a process you just want done but may not have the energy left to complete it.

I tell all my clients how the houses "eat up" the accessories. What I mean by that is I can have shopping carts full of accessories and then show up at the house and start placing items and still need more. This happens especially if there are many open shelves or bookshelves that need to be filled. When doing accessories on your own, it's smart to consider balance. Look for items with varying size and texture. Live or fake plants are great to mix in. Be sure to purchase things in groupings that will work nicely together and don't be scared to move things around on the shelves at the store before you purchase them and bring them home with you.

Ideally, we plan the larger items ahead of time such as feature artwork or mirrors. Then, I like to head to the local Homegoods, At Home or Hobby Lobby. Sometimes adding these accessories in can be done with one pass and other times this is a layering process in which we need trips after trip to fine the right items or final pieces. That's okay, just be good with the process!

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