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Trends in 2024

Whether you're intentionally doing it or not, you're completely aware of the current trends in 2024 and we're only on Month 3. Here I'll share with you what I've noticed are the new trends so you can incorporate some into your home this year!

Brighter, lighter wall colors are the trend. We're talking ALMOST white. In fact, I just jumped on this trend and changed the entire main level of my home from SW Agreeable Gray to SW Greek Villa. I went from a "greige" to a "creamy white" that was often used as a trim color. Boy, what a dramatic change that was. The walls were builder-grade, flat paint and I upgraded them to a nice washable eggshell that now reflects more light! Things are feeling clean and crisp now!

I've been saying this one for a while now, but elements that connect you into nature bring warmth into your home. This has been a trend since Covid times when things were slowed down and people actually NOTICED nature! I do miss all of my outdoor activities that picked up during the time when the world slowed down.

Warmer woods in both lighter color used for flooring and darker colors used on cabinets are back! We're not talking the red oak, but we are talking about wood with clean graining. White oak, rich walnut, rift cut woods are all on trend. Kitchens that are "taupe" are the new white along with tops that are marble-looking.

The warm gold hardware is definitely here, though I prefer the more brushed finish and more "gold" tones than the brass. I get old school vibes from the brassy finish. Usually this finish is called a "Bushed gold", "Luxe gold", or "Champagne bronze".

Clean, modern, sleek lines are favored above more ornate and traditional designs, though it's also great and cozy to mix things together a bit and not be so "matchy-matchy". Incorporate wallpapers, mix patterns and have a little fun with textures.

If you need a little help with updating your home, schedule a time to chat more.

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