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Bathrooms Through the Aging Process

With home prices high and interest rates climbing, I'm seeing more and more people who've decided to stay in their home rather than build new or even purchase anything else. These people typically have had their homes for years and they are in dire need of updating for many reasons. Sometimes they need updates because they're just that old and things are falling apart. Other times, the space isn't working well because of the way things are laid out. Perhaps this is because they no longer use the space the same way or need some modifications.

Bathrooms are often the spaces that create problems as you age. They can become a hazard whether the tile is slippery or that you've just become more unstable as you've gotten older. Perhaps the layout is such that there is a giant tub and a tiny shower but the tub is never used. Sometimes things change because someone has become disabled to an extent that the space isn't large enough to enter with a walker or wheelchair. There comes a time that remodeling the bathroom is just necessary to create longevity in the home.

When remodeling a bathroom, whether you're 40 or 70, it makes sense to think about the future use of the space. Blocking for future grab bars is a huge consideration for the shower areas and even near tubs and toilets. Added exhaust fans are great to have should there ever be breathing difficulty because sometimes that moisture makes it even harder to breathe. Easy to operate plumbing fixtures like faucets are best when your hands lose their precision and have a harder time gripping. Wall mounted magnifying mirrors near the vanity are great to see up close. Bench seats actually aren't recommended as you age because they're HARD! It's almost best to have more available floor space that you can then insert a shower chair as needed. This also allows you to bring it closer or further from the showerhead. Handheld shower controls also are great should anyone need to shower completely seated.

It can be overwhelming thinking of all of these things but that's why I'm here. If you're needing some assistance or considering a remodel, I'd love to help! Reach out.

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