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Color Theory

You may have never heard of Chromotherapy. It's a therapy where colored lights are used to induce healing in different areas of the body. For example, red is known to increase pulse and blood pressure. Yellow is used to purify the skin and assist with digestion/metabolism among other things. Blue helps with pain reduction and promotes relaxation.

Now, I'm not telling you to go out and purchase colored light bulbs for your home, but it is worth noting the properties associated with the color exposure. Most of us have a color or a few colors we tend to favor over others. Everyone in your home may not favor the same so keep this in mind when making selections for things throughout your home. Don't forget to reassess this as time goes on because over time the colors we prefer may change sometimes as a response to a trend or as a response to our environment.

If you keep the majority of your home neutral but allow for features areas in certain colors it allows you to make changes over time or even seasonally as needed. Sometimes people feel the need to add texture and neutralize to cozy their home up in the winter and in the summer add pops of brighter colors. When living in Ohio, this isn't the best way to go. Winters are gray, dreary and there's less sunlight so this is a great time to add the use of warm-tones or include bright colors to our homes. Summer time it's bright and we're outdoors so much more that having a home full of color is less important.

I've personally always tended to like things that are in the blue color family but with my husband liking reds, we've had to come to a balance in the home so we're both comfortable and can equally enjoy our home's aesthetics. To incorporate both, we've decided no "Michigan" blues but have used softer blue/gray tones with the red accents layered on a mostly neutral palette throughout the entry level of our home.

I did paint a bold green accent color in one of our rooms in the home but tried to incorporate artwork with some red and blue/grays to help tie this into the rest of the home and continue the use of the two colors we both favor while adding some character with the introduction of the green.

(( My Loft Space ))

Allowing your kids to select colors for their bedrooms that inspire them may not only allow them to take pride in the way their room looks but also affect their daily mood. Sometimes the colors we favor are really colors we need to be surrounded with for healing-- emotionally or physically.

(( My Kid's Bedroom ))

Don't fear incorporating colors you really feel drawn to, just be sure you run it by the other people who occupy that space to be sure it doesn't create an aversion for them.

What are your favorite colors and how are you incorporating them into your home? I'd love to see your favorite colors below in the comments.

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