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Envisioning Your Space

Do you have an idea but not sure how to bring it to fruition? Do you know what you like but aren't sure how to create a cohesive home? Are you at a total loss as to where to start or how to make decisions because you're not sure what the "right order" is? If so, keep reading.

I have clients reach out to me for various reasons. Sometimes, people need help actually "seeing" what it will look like before they commit. Other times, people want help making sure it all works together. Sometimes, people want help with the actual floor plan and spatial awareness.

I have clients that range from people who need their hand held through every single step in the process to clients who have some familiarity with the home remodeling process and know what they like enough to just need guidance with the details and pulling it all together.

How does it all get started? First, we start with a phone call to discuss your project and to make sure we are aligned. Then, we schedule an initial consultation where we can walk the space and dive deep into the way things are working/not working. Sometimes we dive into the architectural plans during this meeting as well.

We work together throughout the process to help you feel confident and excited rather than overwhelmed and unsure. The first step is to schedule a clarity consultation here:

Designed by: Erin Bergant Harrod

Photographed by: Caitlin Antje LLC

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