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​Feeling Our Way Through Our Home

We all know when things in our world feel "off" but don't always have the words to explain the how or the why. With more hours spent in our homes, it is much easier to focus on the things that aren't working than it is to focus on those that are. Why is this? Well, we as a society are taught to focus on what's wrong and fix it. Rather than, what's working and how we can enhance those things; how we can "run with it".

What spaces or items in your home are your favorite and why? Is one particular area your favorite because it has your favorite colors and is everything has a place? How can we incorporate that into the other areas of your home is then the #1 question and problem to solve.

On another level, maybe there are small tweaks that can be made just through an one-time visit to your home. Other times, when things just don't "feel right" there's a deeper layer. Something is maybe energetically "off". Is this particular space a place that collects clutter? Take note. These things can be remedied through my traditional interior design initial consultation or through my {Virtual} Feng Shui analysis -- coming this year!

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