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Feng Shui Intro Consult

Feng Shui is an ancient practice but there are various forms that have been modernized to make sense and work within today's world. Feng Shui translates to Wind Water which in ancient Chinese cultures meant Good Fortune.

There are 9 Bauguas or energy centers which are laid over your home or business and they correlate back to the owner or people living in the home. Each of these 9 energy centers can have the energy either enhanced or depleted by one of the 5 elements (wood, water, fire, earth, metal).

Improving the flow of energy helps to improve the "feeling" of a space. From a design perspective, it's pretty easy for me to tell what needs to be done to a space to affect the flow of energy or enhance the comfort in the room. Oftentimes it comes in the form of a "feeling", "knowing", or "I can't explain why".

During a Feng Shui Intro Consultation, I do a quick layout of the Bauguas on your home along with an energy read of each of those energy centers. From there, I make recommendations based on the areas that either have stagnant or leaking energy. What's funny is I can do this virtually as well with energy testing the floorplan and tapping into the homes essence.

If there's a particular area in your life or business you want to change, we can make changes in the environment in which you live and work which will help to affect this area of your life. This is for those of you who are conscious and aware of your weak spots and where you may want to improve whether it be personal relationships to health to career or spiritually. Interested? Reach out about how to schedule an intro appointment.

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