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Feng Shui, Mental Health & Lifestyle Changes

We all have our strengths and areas we need to spend a little more time or tend to a bit more​. It seems like therapy and other coaching are becoming increasingly important as more people make mental health a priority.

Did you know that ​your home can play a role in your mental state? ​ Did you know your home can actually change your life? What do you think about the idea that your home reflects to you the areas in your life that you should pay special attention to?

Coming home from something stressful and walking into a home that's cluttered often won't help you relax, but coming home to a tidy space that reflects the things you love can make you say sigh with a sense of relief. Having a home that will soothe your soul on a deeper level and will help calm the fight or flight response could literally change the way the rest of your day plays out.

Feng Shui Analysis with Bagua Map
Feng Shui Analysis with Bagua Map

Think twice next time you have a water leak or even a health issue. Maybe nothing dramatic even is happening; you're just working on some self-improvement and want to aid in that process. Feng Shui, my life path, and intuitive trainings have taught me that there are no coincidences. If you want to make a particular shift, (or you're going through a major life-change) let's talk about how we can get you and your home on the same page! This may mean making minor tweaks like rearranging furnishings or removing things from your home but it could also look like intention setting and deliberate additions of art, accessories and accents.

To learn more or to schedule a home analysis click here:

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