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The Dark Season

The sun is nearing it's shortest daily appearance. I heard someone mention the other day how much of a paradox this time of the year is. First, we're told to amp up for party season: Thanksgiving, school parties, Hannukah, Christmas, New Years, etc. but there is less daylight and this is all during the season where we are NATURALLY programmed to retreat. I've mentioned in previous posts about the Yin energy of the colder seasons and we're in just that. Yin energy is calming, dark, quiet. Holidays, scream energetic, bright, loud, busy!

It's not always easy to control the way the rest of society functions, but you can make small changes to yourself and your home to support your wellbeing at this time of year. Start off with claiming a space in the home that is just yours. Where can you be left alone for a bit? Perhaps it's your closet or a spare bedroom, maybe even your home-office. We all need moments to recharge.

What does recharge mean to you? Is it just relax in a soft, fuzzy blanket reading a book? Does it mean you sit and do a meditation to really calm down your nervous system? Do you have a craft or hobby you do to help reset your body's natural rhythm? Maybe it's time for yourself just to do some slow stretching. Hey, for me, sometimes this even entails some Netflix binge watching....

Once you've determined the space and activity, plan time into your schedule to really be able to use and take full advantage of this special recharging time daily or at the very least, weekly! Don't forget to include all of the 5 senses when creating this space. Sight: Is the space you chose comfortable enough to enjoy? For me, a messy or un-designed room is a no-go because it's a distraction for me. Smell: Do you have a favorite scent you can include in this space with a diffuser or candle or perhaps even just smelling a few drops of essential oil? Taste: Sipping on your favorite tea or coffee could be a great way to calm your nervous system down. Touch: Can you incorporate a soft blanket, fuzzy socks or other things you like the feeling of into this routine? Sound: Calm music or binaural beats are a great way to settle your mind.

Sometimes all it takes is a good 20 minutes in a calm space to reset and feel more energized. Don't forget, it's okay to SLOW DOWN this time of year. You don't have to push so hard.

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