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Function, Clutter and Healing Options

I've written a lot about how our homes affect our well-being and can't stress enough how much order and function affect your daily emotions. Alongside Aesthetics, to be able to fully relax, we need to feel like we're in a safe environment. When our environment is constantly triggering stressors-- even as simple as the pile of dishes in the sink, it's hard to fully settle in and relax to allow our bodies the ability to heal.

I'm especially affected by clutter. After a mentally chaotic day, coming home to a cluttered home really amps up my anxiety. Being exposed to technology all day doesn't help our bodies stress levels either. If there's a way to tone down the electronic exposure at home or at least in one room of your home you'll notice an increase in the ability to "settle".

In addition to keeping things tidy, you can do some other things like add salt lamps to rooms you frequent often like the family room or maybe your bedroom. I love to use these on nightstands, next to side chairs and especially in kid's bedrooms. The negative ions produced by salt lamps help to offset the positive ions produced by electronics. This helps improve mood, sleep and even can reduce allergens.

Adding crystals and other natural elements to a space helps to remind your body of it's connection with nature. This helps our bodies return to their natural state. Rose quartz is a great addition to a master bedroom or the center, the heart, of your home. It's great for amplifying "love". Hematite is a great stone to "ground" you. It's great to have around to clear mind clutter. According to Feng Shui, you should use this in your home office or near the front door.

((Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Citrine))

Colors can also affect your mood after a long day. I'll discuss this more in my next blog but warm tones (red, yellow, orange) often amplify your energy whereas cool tones (blues, greens, purples) help to calm your nervous system. Be conscious of this when selecting paint colors, bedding colors and even artwork for a space.

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