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Healing at Home

Most of us have had health complications of some type whether physical or mental. If we haven’t personally, we’ve had someone close to us experience or deal with issues like anxiety, depression, cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc. We can’t always control the environment in which we work, but we can control the environment in which we live. Coming HOME is a transition we all make. We come in and “let down our guard”. Home is a place in which we can rest, rejuvenate, restore and prepare for the next day ahead. You may have areas specified as special places to recharge like a bedroom sanctuary, meditation room, over-sized bathtub in the master suite or even a cozy nook where you curl up and read a book on a rainy afternoon. This is a start to creating a home where you can heal, but it’s not everything.

Simple adjustments can be made to offer a better space for healing. Remove clutter from all surfaces in the home. Think about your bedroom in particular, are your nightstands and dresser clear of clutter? What is hanging on the walls in the bedroom? Landscapes, soft colors and family may be appealing and calming. Stay away from anything too bold, loud or busy. Adding wood and other natural textures reconnect us with nature and allow for a calmer atmosphere. Stay away from using too many metals and shiny flat surfaces.

Add in natural plants and flowers (or faux plants if the real deal is not your thing). Allowing for variation in lighting also helps to unwind from a long workday. Home should be a place to re-charge not a place we add to the stress of life. If things are outdated, cluttered or you have things that have bad memories attached to them, remove them from the home.

Upgrade your bedding and sheets so your bed is a cozy place to unwind and get a good night sleep. Remove any distractions like TVs and keep electronics far from your bedside if possible. If it’s not possible to remove the TV at least cover the lights from the units with black electrical tape so you can get a nice dark bedroom for sleeping. Consider blackout drapery or shades. Add texture with a new rug or layer your lighting by adding new bedside lamps or even white salt lamps are a nice feature for soft lighting at bedtime. These also neutralize ions so it counteracts the effects of electronics.

As always, if you need some help making your home more of a personal sanctuary, please reach out. I’d love to help you. Reach out.

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