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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...

Most people know the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. When I’m invited into someone’s home to help them plan a remodel or design a new space within an existing home, sometimes I throw them a curveball. It can be one thing leading to the next. We start out talking about one project that’s a priority but also walk through the rest of the house so I can gain full context. It’s important that the home feel cohesive.

If the priority is to convert a formal living room into a new home office but you eventually want to update the flooring throughout your first level, we need to talk about what that flooring is because it then affects the coloring of the materials used in the office. When we talk about the flooring, we need to also address the other main areas the flooring is in such as the kitchen or fireplace. If we’re doing the flooring and it needs to go with the kitchen cabinets, are the cabinets staying long-term or are they needing an update eventually also? Even if these aren’t the priority, we need to plan for the future so everything goes with the “master plan”. The flooring may also need to go with the current cabinets so that it doesn’t look awful in the transition period.

This sometimes means there’s more work done up front planning than actually getting to the main priority but if we do this first, you won’t be sorry. You’ll then have a plan and a direction to take small steps towards completing at your own pace.

Plan ahead. It's the smart thing to do. ;-)

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