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Interior Designer Vs. Interior Decorator

Many people use the terms designer and decorator interchangeably. The reality of it is that designers and decorators jobs are different but they do go hand in hand. Some designers are decorators but most decorators are not also designers. The Council for Interior Design Qualifications defines interior design as: “Interior design is a distinct profession with specialized knowledge applied to the planning and design of interior environments that promote health, safety, and welfare while supporting and enhancing the human experience. Founded upon design and human behavior theories and research, interior designers apply evidence-based methodologies to identify, analyze, and synthesize information in generating holistic, technical, creative, and contextually-appropriate design solutions.”

Designers often have a great sense of space and organization of space so if you’re looking for a remodel or new home and want to be sure your space is functioning at the optimal level for your needs, a designer would be a great asset. Designers work within space differently than architects in that they focus on how the furnishings and flow within the space. Architects often view the home from the exterior when placing windows but designers often look at them from the interior and consider window treatments and furnishings even early on in the design process.

Interior Decorators are a great asset to homes and businesses but not all designers are decorators and most decorators aren’t designer s. Decorators most often touch on paint colors, furnishings, window treatments and accessories but not necessarily the function of the space. You may find both a decorator and designer use 2D and 3D programs to design a space but more often, a designer will do the technical drawings needed for permit or renovation intent.

When deciding whether you need to hire a designer or decorator, it’s best to consider what you’ll need done in your home. If you need someone to help with all aspects of design within the home more than just simply decorating, it’s best to invest in an interior designer rather than simply to hire a decorator. If you need a bit of help with your home, the first step is to reach out to schedule a quick discovery call to discuss the project.

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