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Is Your Kitchen Driving You CRAZY!?

What happens when your kitchen is super outdated, not functional and you just don't have 30k to drop on a new one? Well, whether you're just trying to get by until you can get a new kitchen, or you already love your kitchen and just need some added organization, I've created this post for you.

The biggest complaint about kitchens I hear is that "I don't have enough storage!" Besides the aesthetics, let's talk about storage. I love to see kitchens without appliances filling the counter space. Every additional thing you see in your environment affects you. My stress level is much lower when my counters and island are clear! How about you? Do you leave your toaster out all the time but only occasionally make toast? Find a spot to store it. (I keep mine in the cabinet near where I typically plug it in). Do you have 25 cookie sheets but, at most, only use 3? Donate the others. The same goes for the Tupperware containers that don't have lids. Put the things you use less often in those upper cabinets. You know, the ones you need to climb on the counter to reach. Never use all 30 water glasses, but they're in a prime spot? Consider moving the extras up higher too.

We recently installed a spice organizer in one of our drawers and let me tell you, it's been AMAZING! No more digging for the coriander. The same goes for the cutlery drawer. Always wanted that pull-out trash can? Add it in. You can purchase them from Amazon or online from the local hardware store.

When updating the style, there are companies that will paint the cabinets for you fairly inexpensively or you can tackle this as a DIY project. Adding some fresh hardware, new countertops or new backsplash will also freshen up the space. Be sure to consider the lighting. Layering the lighting, if possible, always makes the space more inviting. Add under cabinet lighting or new pendant lights. Sometimes, removing old lighting fixtures and replacing them with can lights makes the space feel more open. You may want to replace an old flush mount fixture with something more current, as well.

If you're still stumped for ideas or if you really need those new cabinets, reach out to me. I'd love to help!

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