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Nothing is FREE

Clients have asked me about the services that cabinet shops or furniture retailers offer when they state they are providing "free design". Nothing is free. What happens is these retailers have a large markup to help cover the time these "designers" spend working on your sale. See how I did that? I said sale. When you hire an independent designer, I have your back.

These designers often have a limited view on your project and you never know what you will get. I've run into issues where the client has hired a big box store to supply furniture for a new build I worked on and came to find out that their replication of the floorplan was inaccurate and the furniture actually didn't fit the space. Some of these salespeople may or may not have had true design education or even experience in the field.

Oftentimes they don't know what is happening in adjacent spaces to be able to help you make material selections that would be cohesive. Independent designers look at the whole house and help with the flow from one space to the next. Individual accents will help to carry your eye from one space into the next.

I've had clients go to other box stores for cabinet pricing and layouts before reaching out to me. After I was involved, I found a great way to gain additional storage in this small space by removing an additional stairwell!

My services may cost you some money, but it'll be worth it in the end. Reach out to schedule a phone call to chat more here:

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