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Painted Accent Walls

Accent walls have been around for a long time, remember what those days on Trading Spaces? Bold colors were used on one wall or multiple walls used to create a "shocking" reveal. I'm going to give you some tips on accent walls incase you feel the need to spruce up a space in your home.

Determining the location for an accent wall isn't too difficult, but you need to think it through. The general guidelines is select a wall that should be the "focal point". This is often the wall where your TV is located, maybe your fireplace, or the wall behind your bed. Generally this is the wall you are looking at the most. Not every room has a good setup for an accent wall, don't force it if you can't find the single focal point. Some places I don't particularly love accent walls are in kitchens, sunrooms and bathrooms. However, living spaces and bedrooms are particularly great places to have an accent wall.

Here, the accent wall was actually the white wall at the fireplace. (See below)

Take a look here at how we used a built-in cabinet as a colored "feature" at the top of the

stairs. This helped create some drama in the space.

If you are loving wallpaper right now, this is a great way to use it. Be sure to consider the other elements in the room before selecting the paper. Is everything else neutral? Then, go for it and find something colorful and bold to spice it up a bit. If you already have a lot going on but just want to add some texture, maybe you find a paper that's monochromatic. One last thing to consider is the scale of the pattern on the paper. For example, if you have a busy rug in a small pattern, you probably would want to look for a paper with a larger scale.

If you're not into wallpaper and want to select a solid paint, first, determine what color family you're looking for. Then, go to Home Depot (my personal favorite as I love Behr paint) and get some paint chips to check out at home. Be sure you're getting colors that have enough gray undertone. Most of the colors you'll see are bright and would look okay maybe in a kids bedroom, but this isn't what you want in most places unless you want your home to look like a rainbow. My favorite way to determine the color is to pull the color from a pillow, artwork or rug. Be sure to look at the color during the day and at night so you can see it in both natural and artificial lighting. It may also help to tape up a sheet of white computer paper under where you tape the sample to the wall so you can see the true color rather than the way the color appears next to your current wall color.

If you still feel stuck when selecting what walls to accent or what specific color to use, please reach out. I'd love to help.

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