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Plan for your Kitchen Remodel NOW

​Why is now (holiday time) the best time to plan a kitchen remodel?

The holidays push our home kitchens to the limit. This is when we often see additional design and functional flaws we don't necessarily notice on the daily or perhaps it shines a big bright light on the daily annoyances making them even more annoying. If you are thinking of a kitchen upgrade, now's the time to start a list. By a list, I mean what you like and dislike about your current space. List out what is working for you. Possibly, your kitchen is missing a work triangle. Perhaps, you like the pantry location or the island size.

Then, start recalling all of those annoyances during the holidays. Are too many people gathering around your cooking area? Is it hard to open the oven when people are standing behind you? Perhaps it's just where the trash is located or that your kitchen utensil drawer gets all jumbled up and needs a better arrangement. Maybe you even need a bigger sink or a different configuration of the sink.

Don't forget, you'll want to consider the aesthetics too. Is it too dark or does it show too much mess? Perhaps you'll want to change from all white cabinets to adding wood or the other way around. Maybe your counters are dark and you want to lighten the room. What kinds of kitchens are you drawn to in magazines or on Pinterest? What is comfortable for you? Wood tones or do you need/want it light and bright?

Knowing all of this will make things flow so much more quickly in the beginning so that we really can create a functional and beautiful kitchen inspired by your likes and your wants/needs. If you're wanting to look into a kitchen remodel or even if you're building a new home, reach out!

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