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Prepping for 2021: Clear Home, Clear Mind

Now that we're fast approaching the end of 2020, the year most of us are ready to say "Good-Bye" to; it's time to think about 2021 and plan for the positive things that will be heading our way. To prepare for a fresh start, this is a great time to re-group and de-clutter so you have more "space" both mentally and physically to bring in the new.

Feng Shui principles say that a cluttered home reflects a cluttered mind.

Does that ring true for you? Clutter in the mind, shows itself through clutter in a home. Clean home, less distractions maybe? I once heard that where your eyes go, energy goes. When you walk in your home, where do you first look? For me, it was the pile of shoes in my mudroom. Do you really want the energy in your home to clump at your shoes? Have you ever heard of the "vibe" being off? This is what I'm talking about here.

Let's welcome 2021 in to our homes with less clutter and FRESH energy! Not that stagnant energy that's hanging out with the clutter in the home. Think about Acupuncture, Reiki or other healing modalities... we don't want the energy to be "stuck". Stagnant energy creates problems in our bodies. The same goes with our home. How we treat our home, reflects in the rest of our lives.

Where do you start? Start out with promising yourself 20 minutes to de-clutter here and there. Sometimes once you get started it's easier to keep going. If you're planning on re-doing any of the spaces in your home, this is a good time to start preparing. Maybe you want to upgrade your Master Bedroom. Take this time to go through your dresser and nightstands and get rid of things you no longer need. You may end up cleaning out your closet while you're at it.

Planning and decluttering before making any design changes helps so much to reduce the overwhelm feeling while you're in the process of remodeling. Things being out of sorts during a temporary remodel or re-design is stressful enough, plan ahead by clearing out the things that are no longer serving you.

Re-organizing sometimes means you need to reconsider the furniture you currently have in your home. For example, maybe you need more storage for your kids toys to keep them out of sight or maybe you need a few filing cabinets for your home office. Maybe your nightstands are too small and you need larger ones. These small furniture changes may make your day to day life easier and be worth the investment.

If you need a little guidance, reach out to schedule a virtual clarity consultation here:

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