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Remodel Overwhelm?

Have you ever done a remodel but been overwhelmed by all of the questions posed to you along the way? Maybe you just don’t want to make a mistake and feel pressured to answer quickly since the project is under way. When hiring a designer such as me for construction administration there is always someone to call with questions during the process. If I don’t have the answer, I know who to call to get the recommended solution.

It’s also nice to know you’ll have drawings on-site for the individual sub-contractors visiting your job. Sometimes the information doesn’t get passed down to each sub-contractor and they arrive on the job clueless. The jobsite binder is the way I keep things crystal clear for the guys on-site. Inside this binder are drawings pertaining to the details that were decided during the design-phase of the project. These are things such as how the tile is laid out, what the grout color should be, where the trim pieces of tile are located. In a bathroom, it shows the location for the lights and how they relate to the mirrors and vanity cabinet. The binder is the manual for the home.

The other nice thing about hiring a designer for the construction administration is you’ll have another set of eyes during construction to ensure things are being done according to that manual and the drawings or the design intent. As the designer on the job, you’ll have someone ensuring each decision that’s made is made with the overall concept in mind to keep a consistent, cohesive look. Hiring me for construction administration is taking the stress off you during the stressful time of having your home dismantled during a remodel.

How does this work? Schedule a time to chat with me and we can discuss your project in detail.

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