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Spring Clearing

Now that the bus​y "normal"​ life has crept back, I have noticed my stress creeping back in too. ​For me, a packed full day with no time to re-organize creates more stress. ​

(Flower Arrangement by Merkels Floral Studio)

What comes first: a stressful home or a stressed mental state? They seem to play off each other. When I am stressed out I like to clear counters and clean the house because it makes me feel mentally calmer to see a "calmer" space. I also "feel" ​like I am ​more able to take on tasks.

Is a messy space the catalyst for mental stress? Energetically, our homes organization, or lack thereof, are said to reflect our mental state. Next time you're stressed and things have been cleaned, start with de-cluttering. What can you get rid of in your home? What things are just taking up space? Remove them and let there be some pause for new things to bloom, because, in time, they will bloom.

(Flower Arrangement by Merkels Floral Studio)

If you need a little push in transforming the physical space so you can mentally get "calm", reach out! 440-941-8148 or

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