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Stress Reduction at Home

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Wow, very quickly, we were thrown into basically a new world. A world where we talk with family via video call or through windows and doors. A world where parents are expected to work at home and educate their children. A world where healthcare workers are fearful of going to work but must do it anyway as long as they're symptom free.

The media talks about how horrible things are and will continue to be. They talk about how important it is to wash your hands. What you aren't seeing is much else about how to manage your stress during this time while you're essentially "grounded" to your home.

I could talk about this forever, but let me just touch on a few things you can do easily to make your home more of an oasis rather than a place that adds to the stress. Read on to learn about the top 3 things to consider.

1. Add Earth elements throughout your home! Buy some new green plants or pick up some colorful flowers at the grocery store this week. Live plants actually clean the air (peace lily, spider plants, aloe plants). The aroma and coloring of fresh flowers is bound to make you feel a bit happier! If you would rather not have actual live items in the home, bringing in Earth tones also helps. Try adding in browns, muddy yellows, oranges, and reds. These are all grounding colors which actually help to lower anxiety. You can also accomplish this by bringing in some crystals, wood furniture or woven baskets.

2. Allow in daylight. Every morning I open all the shades the whole way to allow in fresh daylight. If it's warm enough even open the windows for a bit to allow a clean exchange of air. Try to keep your body in rhythm with the universe. This means get up when it's light out and go to bed when it's dark. Don't stay up all night binge watching a show (something I am guilty of myself). If you're really feeling affected by being indoors, circadian rhythm light bulbs would be a great investment. You can purchase these online to replace your standard light bulbs 1 for 1.

3. Reduce what you have by de-cluttering. Extra stuff laying around the house creates more for your mind to filter through, actually causing more anxiety whether or not you realize it. Find a place for everything. Get rid of things you haven't used lately or you no longer have room for. Limit what things have a place out on your kitchen counters, dressers, nightstands, and desks -- this means hiding the toaster in a cabinet unless it's in use, taking the extra cups off your nightstand in the morning, removing paperwork from your desk and putting it away inside closed storage.

Now that you have three solid ideas on how to make your home less stressful, I hope you'll get to work! This too shall pass, but let's make the best of it. Thriving in our home is essential, now more than ever! If you need a little more help with this, feel free to reach out at .

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1 Comment

Love these! So helpful, I’m willing to do anything to help reduce the stress and anxiety!

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