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The BIG Picture

Hiring me means more than just having guidance and direction for your project. It means I have your back with eyes always on the big picture of the whole house. How things will flow from space to space.

It can be hard to stay focused on the current theme when you see so much in magazines, on TV, Instagram/ Facebook and more! We create an overall concept and I ensure that each decision that is made down the road keeps things consistent and helps things to "make sense" when all is said and done.

A lot of my clients can't "envision" the space complete. That's why you need me as your seeing eye dog. I can envision the completed space and guide our choices and selections which spaces us precious time in both the selection phases and during construction.

It's still VERY exciting for me to see it all come together, but I'm often less shocked than people think I should be when I walk into the completed space. Usually this is because it turns out just like I had envisioned.

If you need a little help pulling it all together and making it make sense, I'm your girl!

Reach out to schedule a free discovery call to chat more about your needs and see if we'd be a good fit for each other.

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