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"Timeless" Design

Everyone wants their home to be "timeless.” What does that even mean? "Timeless.” Let's think about that for a minute. Time doesn't stand still. Does "timeless" design really exist?

Let's dive into this a bit deeper. What do people mean when they say, they just want their home to be "timeless?” To me, it means, nothing too trendy or catchy. Yes, got that. Maybe they're afraid of making a wrong decision and they're not ready to take ANY risks. What if, instead of looking at trends, like modern farmhouse, we looked inward? Who are you? What is it that you love? What serves your lifestyle? Do you like photos you see on Pinterest and Instagram showing mudrooms with ship-lap walls and exposed hooks for coats, yet you HATE clutter?! This trend is NOT for you. What if we don't follow the trend and instead, build and design our homes around what is right for us? This too, is a bit "trendy" as our personal likes/dislikes, family status (from no kids, maybe, to small kids to teenagers to empty-nesters) evolves and our wants/needs will, in turn, change over time.

What if, before you jump into your next design project you stopped to think about what you really like. What colors are you drawn to? Hint: take a look at your clothes or accent pieces in your closet. Do you gravitate toward neutrals with a pop of color or do you like bold colors and patterns? Do you tend to like silver or do you like gold? How about mixing it up a bit with some of each?

What do you think? Is there a timeless design? Do we really need to follow the trends? I'd love your feedback. If you need a little help figuring out what your style really is and how to incorporate that into your home, schedule a free discovery call to chat!

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