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What is a Clarity Consultation and How Will it Help Me?!

When someone comes to me looking for guidance on their home or business’ project, whether it’s a new build or remodel, I often guide them to start with my initial consultation. The initial consultation is also referred to as a “clarity consult” for the very reason that I hope you’ll gain clarity of the direction in which you need to go next with your project.

This consultation starts out with a quick tour of the home or portions of the home to be remodeled. Though, I often like to at least see the whole floor in which the project is happening so I can familiarize myself with the context of your space and your current style. We chat about what is working and what isn’t and often times we come up with a few solutions to the problems right then and there.

When the consultation is about a full-remodel such as a kitchen or bathroom space, we dive into the details during the consultation. Other times, I’m called in for aesthetic help such as paint color selection. When this is the case, during the consultation we’re able to often make those selections so you’re ready to move forward with your paint contractor. Lastly, if you just need some guidance finalizing the details and making it all work together or if you’re someone who has samples picked out but just can’t make decision; this consultation is a great way to get a nudge in the right direction.

What doesn’t happen during this consultation is a floor plan or any 3D modeling. I do, however measure and take photos so if/when you’re ready to proceed with a project or consultation package, we’re ready to get started.

If you're interested in scheduling a Clarity Consultation, first schedule a free Discovery Call here: to chat about your project.

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