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Why Hiring a Designer Will Save You Money

People hear the term "interior designer" and often see dollar signs. Is this your impression as well?

It's true, as a designer, I don't work for free. Most people don't. Hiring a designer is an investment in your home, in yourself. What do I do as a designer? I work with you to co-create an environment in which you can truly let down your guard.... an environment you are proud of, an environment full of your favorite things.

This home, this space we will co-create must be developed after the client has a good idea on what they like and what they don't like. Being able to identify likes/dislikes makes working with a designer more efficient. Why? As a designer, I can hone in on your likes/dislikes, but I am by no means you. My likes/dislikes may be similar to yours but they also may not be.

How nice would it be to have help connecting to the resources needed to complete your project? Extensive experience in cabinetry/countertops, tilework, furniture, fixtures and construction will help me guide you with less time and effort on your part doing research and knowing where to start. Construction and planning experience will help me lead you one step after the next to the completion of your project.

As a designer, I have the big picture in mind when it comes to making the small decisions. I can visualize the space as if it's already completed and help you to better understand the final outcome while we're making progress on the selections.

You'll save time by hiring me to help with your furniture selections. I have many resources that aren't available to the common person and also know where to look for specific items, again saving your time and efforts. Creating floor plans will help you know what size furniture and accessories to purchase prior to spending the money. Seeing samples of fabrics, rugs, and window treatments before purchasing the larger item will save you money in that you'll not be purchasing things that look different in-person.

Lastly, have you ever done a remodel and not really understood all the "contractor talk"? I help my clients communicate the design intent to the contractor before the construction starts so that they are not faced with last minute "on the spot" decisions about light switch locations, tile installation, grout colors, etc. As part of my services I also provide the option to add on construction management services which means I will be your "eyes" while your contractor is doing the work in your home to ensure things are being done as planned. When I'm brought into a project before the contractor is selected, my drawings are used to get apples to apples quotes from the different options so you know exactly what you'll get when you make the big decision.

If you're interested in saving yourself some time and money while doing a remodel or update, please reach out. I'd love to help.

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